DevOps: Bridging Gaps and Ensuring Security

DevOps, a combination of "Development" and "Operations", is fast becoming a critical necessity in joining together the once siloed functions of software development and IT operations to save money, increase quality and, in our case, ensure robust security.

Why is it needed?
Prior to DevOps, developers would produce code and, once deployed, it was mostly considered out of their control because operations teams then took over. DevOps combines these functions to ensure optimal communication and collaboration that, in turn, increases product quality and security.

What sets Netizen DevOps solutions apart?
DevOps is the ideal juncture at which to enforce full-stack security. This, unlike nearly every other vendor, we specialize in. While there is no shortage of automated tools to streamline DevOps functions, they often ignore the critical security practices we build-in.

There are also certain areas where the human element is simply irreplaceable. We leverage a unique combination of advanced automated tools and human expertise to ensure the highest possible levels of security, compliance and quality. This is our proven White Glove approach to secure DevOps which is trusted by clients of all sizes in both the private and public sectors.

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DevOps Platforms

DevOps Platforms and Technologies

We don't waste money reinventing the wheel. With an eye for innovation, and not just for raising rates, we use integrated solutions, whenever feasible, that can build upon existing open source and other platforms and frameworks saving thousands, even millions, of dollars over the lifecycle of the product.

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