Option 1: Referral Commissions

The easiest, risk-free way to earn recurring commissions. Refer someone in need of our services and we'll provide you with a percentage of the resulting contract revenue ranging from 5% to 15%.

Commission rates are based on a simple tiered system that takes into account the type, quantity, and quality of clients referred. This structure allows you to earn increasingly higher rewards over longer periods of time as you refer more business to us. « Join now to start earning rewards »


Option 2: Teaming Discounts


Want to keep your clients happy but find your in-house team lacking some needed security expertise? No problem. Our background-cleared personnel will seamlessly augment your existing team. We support companies ranging from small businesses to international corporations in this way every day.

We offer partner discounts of up to 15% off our already competitive rates based upon simple criteria for size, type, and duration of the engagement. To put it plainly: the larger the project, the more you can save. « Join now to secure some considerable savings »

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