Securely Collect, Store, Organize, and Analyze Your Data

As the number of internet-connected devices grow exponentially, there is also a rapidly increasing amount of data collected, often in disparate formats and types. But how does one securely collect, store, organize and make sense of this information? Netizen provides solutions ranging from intelligence software to geographic information systems which can aggregate these sources to provide a visual representation of relationships and other key indicators that could otherwise go unnoticed.

Our expertise also includes "Big Data" solutions, database administration, data warehousing, document management, and data collection systems from vendors such as Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, MongoDB, Hadoop and others. Beyond this, we also provide high-security data analysis and storage solutions for critical industries, plus disaster recovery and business continuity services.

Internet of Things, Mobile and Sensor Data Solutions
We craft remote data collection and analysis solutions based upon trusted platforms such as Open Data Kit and others for managing information from a dispersed workforce and sensor devices, also called the "Internet of Things". Our team builds upon proven technologies to save time, reduce costs and increase security when compared to other custom or proprietary solutions.

We ensure that your communications are safe, even in a field environment, so as to meet the stringent regulatory standards of industries like healthcare. Netizen also develops data security, analysis, and collection solutions for sensor and mobile devices that can securely integrate with your existing infrastructure.

Uses cases include:
  • - Census Data Collection
  • - Inspections & Regulatory Compliance
  • - Intenet of Things and Sensors
  • - Field Data Collection and Analysis
  • - Mobile Surveys and Reporting
  • - Telehealth and Remote Care
  • - Clinical Decision Support
  • And much more...
mobile data collection and analysis

cloud data management
Database management, mobile data collection, disaster recovery, Big Data analysis and more. Contact us today.
Disaster recovery solutions

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

How much is all that data and insight worth if it disappears tomorrow? Nothing. That's why we also provide redundant, cost effective and highly secure disaster recovery solutions for your critical data and systems.

Utilizing a mix of cloud-based elastic storage, geographically dispersed datacenters, and physical storage mechanisms we'll ensure your data is safe and usable for decades to come or even longer.

Solutions Include:

  • - Off-site Secure Data Storage
  • - Disaster Recovery Planning
  • - Disaster Recovery Testing
  • - Data Encryption and Security
  • - Cloud, co-located, and physical storage
  • - Legal Discovery Support and Retention
  • - Automated backup and validation
  • - And much more...

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Advanced Forensics Solutions

With experienced forensic experts, we provide legal teams and law enforcement resources with the ability to recover lost or deleted data from a variety of devices, ranging from laptops and desktops to mobile phones and tablets. We can piece together and recover information under even some of the most extreme conditions, and have experts on hand to provide testimony when needed.

Forensic data recovery
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