Securely Design, Deploy, Automate, and Integrate at Scale

We provide systems engineering and integration solutions built for scalability and reliability. From security and DevOps support to advanced mobility and automation solutions, we have the skills and expertise to professionally secure, engineer or automate a durable and flexible infrastructure.

Beyond physical systems, we provide advanced software and database integration solutions that ensure your critical systems are fully interoperable for maximum efficiency. Utilizing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Software As A Services (SaaS) principles, coupled with web services such as SOAP, ReST, WebSockets, XML-RPC or HL7, we'll configure your software systems to communicate and scale effortlessly.

Network Engineering
Engineering efficient systems that work together, communicate effectively, and scale effortlessly. Contact us today.
Integrated Software Solutions

Most enterprises have hundreds, even thousands, of disparate systems and applications that don't work in unison or share data and functionality. Netizen offers solutions to securely engineer, integrate, and automate the growing tangle of systems and applications in your infrastructure including:

  • - Systems Automation and Integration
  • - Network Security and Engineering
  • - Systems Architecture Design Services
  • - Independent Verification & Validation
  • - Systems Engineering and Analysis
  • - Configuration and Change Management
  • - IT Operations Support
  • - Software and Data Integration
  • - Program Analysis and Acquisition Support
  • And much more...

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Bridging the IT Gap with "DevOps"

We bridge the divide between IT support operations and software developers, fulfilling a vital need for skills that span both product development and IT systems maintenance.

What does this mean for your organization?
It means we are experts in not only engineering infrastructure systems, but also developing, testing and integrating new or existing software solutions of virtually any type using proven Agile methodologies and cloud-based technologies.

Devops Diagram
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