Netizen provides advanced cybersecurity and software solutions in fields as diverse as government, education, and energy to healthcare, finance and beyond. We take pride in our robust culture of innovation, enduring commitments to security and quality, and award-winning White Glove Service®.

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Computer Systems Network

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Secure Software

Agile software testing, integration, and analysis for all types of applications utilizing the very best security and quality assurance practices.
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Proactive measures to protect private data from breaches. Products and services for rock-solid security and simplified compliance.
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Secure DevOps

Bridging the gap between software developers and operational support with automated tools and security-ingrained best practices.
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Cloud Security

We provide solutions to ensure that your cloud computing environments are safe, secure and ready for whatever the future holds.
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Data Security

Solutions to securely collect, store, organize and make sense of your data, however big, with advanced technology and algorithmic analysis.
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Project Management

Waterfall, Iterative, Agile/Scrum, Lean. Certified, experienced professionals to expertly manage even your most complex programs.
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